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November 17, 2011

Still Here…



Everyone is asleep; the two littlest ones are sick, so I have about 5 minutes to write before I tackle mounds of laundry. I am STILL trying to figure out how to manage three kids, multiple therapy visits every week, parent visits, foster care paperwork, keep a clean house, feed my family and write blog posts all at the same time. It has been harder than I thought possible!

So while I ponder how to best accomplish all I need to do, visit me on Facebook, where I will be posting ideas and items that I run across. I can do that quickly, which is all I can do for now!

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September 6, 2011

Artful interiors With Contemporary Rugs

So, I have been on hiatus. Perhaps you think I am busy renovating my house, or jet-setting off to exotic locations? Well, in reality, I am chasing after 3 humans: ages 5, 23 months and 3 months. Yes, another foster placement that came the end of June. And I am busier than I could have ever imagined, as fostering entails not only raising children, but filling out reams of paperwork, making tons of appointments, etc. I promise, to be back regularly one day.

So, here is another guest post to share more great information and ideas. Enjoy!

Hi, I’m Joanna, a writer for Design Shuffle, a terrific social media site promoting interior designers and their work from around the world. I’m completely in love with my work as I get to look at and write about gorgeous spaces all day. It’s hard for me to define myself within one particular style but if pressed I would say funky and eclectic. Thanks to My Domicile Style for allowing me share some decorating ideas featuring contemporary rugs. With so many contemporary rug choices out there, I thought I would gather some of my favorites, There’s no rhyme or reason to my choices--they are just ones that struck me as noteworthy. Here are some great living room design ideas using contemporary rugs.

Houzz (via)

A bold zebra print rug in this otherwise white room anchors a group of handcrafted vases for a global feel. The lack of art on the walls allows the lines of the furniture in the room to take on a sculptural feel. A niche in the far corner of the room holds additional art.

HomeDesignModern (via)

A fun modern rug in purple and white adds a flowing movement to a very tailored and linear room. Your eyes are drawn out and up to the wall of windows beyond. A traditional built-in hutch gives a warm touch to an otherwise cool palette.

RugZine (via)

A brilliant jewel toned tribal rug becomes instantly contemporary in this modern eclectic space. The white walls are in keeping with a gallery feel as a large modern work is shown off beautifully, creating a instant focal point in the room.

Houzz (via)

From birds in flight overhead to a modern swirling rug below, everywhere one’s eyes rest this space is filled with vibrant movement and emotion. The room could have easily come off as chaotic but the interior designer balanced each element successfully.

Contemporary Rugs (via)

There is no flooring that is quite as fluffy and soft underfoot as a Flokati rug. This mid-century modern space takes the edge off with a wooly white one.

Contemporary Rugs (via)

Fabulous, fun florals in oversized versions such as this one give a masculine space a feminine touch—for he and she spaces. The shades of green are brought out of the rug and onto the sofa for a nice balance of color.

Contemporary Rugs (via)

Another fun floral patterned contemporary rug leaves lots of room for interior design ideas. The poofs seem to jump out of the rug making it seem animated.

Contemporary Rugs (via)

Remember the bracelets made from folded gum wrappers? This rug is reminiscent of that pixilated effect, making it seem as if the rug and chairs are dancing.

This content is provided by Design Shuffle, where you can find and share talented interior designs from from New York interior designers, Los Angeles interior designers, and more, check out the latest at Design Shuffle.

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June 22, 2011

How to Light Your Backyard for the Summer

We are fully in the swing of summer, and this week, our niece is staying with us for a week full of swimming, museums and other types of fun activities. So, this is a perfect week for a guest post about how to light your backyard for all your summer activities!

Hi, I’m Susi, a writer for Arcadian Lighting (a terrific source of lighting for all décor styles). I live in Boston and we’ve had a long, long cold winter, but everything has finally thawed and my husband and I are looking forward to warm evenings outdoors spent with family and friends. I’ve shared some ways you can make your nights outdoors even more enjoyable with ambiance from the perfect lighting. Happy Summer!

How to Light Your Backyard for the Summer

Long warm evenings spent outside are one of the pure joys of summer. Sitting in the dark around a single citronella candle is not. Luckily lighting options for our outdoor living spaces are plentiful. From high tech solar and LED light fixtures to classic lanterns, we hope you find a solution to lighting your backyard for summer. Like lighting a room, you may want to choose a couple of options to create a warm, inviting backyard. Here are seven of our favorites:

Lighting for the Backyard

Eco Solar Panels (via)

For overall lighting for a yard, solar lights offer many options. Available in a range of styles from modern to traditional, these wireless wonders can light a pathway or create drama in a flower garden or against a fence.

Lighting for the Backyard

Remodelista (via)

Cafe style string lights from Pottery Barn are classic. Strung in a tree or over a pergola, over a deck, these lights cast a soft overhead glow.

Lighting for the Backyard

Sunset (via)

Hanging lanterns range from classic metal and glass to colorful modern glass. Choose a pierced metal or Moroccan influenced lantern for a more eclectic feel. Hung overhead or set on a table, these lanterns provide warm lighting.

Lighting for the Backyard

Apartment Therapy (via)

White, colored, patterned, grouped together or hung as a single pendant light, this outdoor favorite never goes out of style. Paper lanterns are versatile and create a soft, lovely light at night.

Lighting for the Backyard

Style Hive (via)

Another variation on the string light, these natural woven globes would blend in with the trees, pergola or fence during the day.

Lighting for the Backyard

Sunset (via)

A birdbath filled with votive lights is a smart way to add light to a corner of the yard or deck. This idea could work with other containers that could hold water, a zinc planter or an outdoor fountain, for example.

Lighting for the Backyard

Inhabitat (via)

Love candle lit evenings outdoors? LED candles can give you that same light with the flick of a switch. No need to worry about breezes or small fingers getting burnt and they make a fantastic option for a table or path.

Content provided by Arcadian Lighting, a site that specializes in top quality lighting fixtures at extremely affordable prices. Come visit us today!



"Arcadian Lighting is the best source for home lighting accessories at discount prices. Founded in 2002, Arcadian Lighting started selling decorative home lighting fixtures and lamps online, and has become one of the top Internet retailers for home lighting products."

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June 9, 2011

Best Kitchen Before and Afters 2011 from This Old House


I am still working on cosmetic changes for our kitchen. Our home was built in 2002, and had many upgrades when we bought it, so the bones of the kitchen are good. Still compiling ideas, so this article on the 23 Best Kitchen Before and Afters of 2011 is great.

Look at the winner and their before (shown below), and the after (shown above). Even more impressive is that these homeowners did ALL the work themselves!


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June 6, 2011

Swedish Egg White Facial Soaps



I have a tiny addiction to soaps (and lip glosses). Has anyone tried these Swedish Egg White Facial Soaps? Egg whites, lanolin, and rosewater, 6 soaps for $22.

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June 3, 2011

Tastemaker Tag Sale – Michelle Nussbaumer


I have written about Dallas designer Michelle Nussbaumer before. So, I was intrigued to see that she has a Tastemaker Tag Sale coming up this weekend on One Kings Lane.

It is always fun to try and find a great piece or bargain during these tag sales. I have some preview pictures to share with you. The sale runs from Saturday, June 4 – Tuesday, June 7.

 My Domicile Style 1

My Domicile Style 2 

My Domicile Style 4 

My Domicile Style 6 

My Domicile Style 7 

My Domicile Style 8

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May 26, 2011

Barbara Barry Bowmont Outdoor Collection

Timeless Design from an Elegant Era: The Barbara Barry Bowmont Outdoor Collection

“Renowned designer Barbara Barry brings her innate sense of style and sophistication to McGuire with a collection of contemporary and graceful designs. Barbara Barry for McGuire is furniture of distinction; each piece is created entirely by hand and finished to evoke the patina of fine furniture cherished over time.”

They don’t list prices, so you can only imagine that this collection is expensive. But no matter, we can still admire the beauty of these objects. And some of these unique pieces, such as the nautilus spot table and birdbath might be worth the splurge, as functional art, mixed in with less expensive outdoor furniture.



  image BIRDBATH

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May 24, 2011

Tabletop Mobile by Matthew Richards

Tabletop mobile clean

“Matthew Richards was pursuing a degree in mechanical engineering when he was inspired by the work of Alexander Calder (who was also a mechanical engineer) and began making mobiles (2009).” Made by hand, these mobiles rotate 360 degrees, moving freely with the slightest breeze or vibration.

Very cool movable art; exclusive to Design Within Reach. 

tabletop mobile copy

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May 23, 2011

Tips to Decorate Like a Pro

So, I received these tips months ago. And yes, I am a little behind on my posts, but helpful hints are great any month! So better late than never.


“There are basic guidelines you can follow to ensure you’re not only on the right track, but on-trend in your décor,” says Kate Hart, president of Hart & Associates Staging & Design.  “Best of all, you don’t have to pay designer prices to get a designer look.”  

Here’s what Kate suggests:

1. Don’t break the bank with costly custom window treatments that will likely feel dated in a few years.  Opt for simple panels that highlight your windows and frame your view. Make your windows appear taller by hanging the panels as close to the ceiling as possible and letting them just touch the ground for a tailored look.  Give ready-made treatments a more custom look by adding your own trim.

2. When selecting an area rug for a room, remember “you are either on or off”.  If you are adding a rug to anchor a dining space make sure all the chairs will still be on the carpet if they’re pulled out and the table leaves are added.  In a seating area all furniture legs must be on the carpet, if you are using a larger rug, or off the carpet and focused around a smaller area rug.

3. Choose wall colors with the same value.  Paint companies make this simple by making the strips on their fan decks go from light to dark. Choose colors that are the same gradient and your rooms will flow better instead of feeling boxy and unbalanced.  Do you have a room with a vaulted or tray ceiling that feels cold and uninviting? Warm it up by painting the ceiling two values lighter than the wall color.

4. Like a piece of artwork, mirrors too should be framed.  A bare, builder’s grade mirror above a vanity appears unfinished.  It’s easy enough to add a frame, even with the mirror still on the wall.  Try for custom frames that will fit any size mirror.  For an affordable way to add light and enlarge the look of any room, hang an inexpensive plate glass mirror and simply add a frame.

5. Add no more than three accessories – or grouping of accessories- to each horizontal surface to avoid clutter. Place taller items on the left and lower items on the right so the space flows from left to right just as your eye naturally reads a book!

6. When arranging furniture always make sure to keep plenty of space for traffic to flow through a room. Some rules to remember? Walkways should be 27” to 36” wide to allow people to pass through a space.  Coffee tables should be no more than 18” from a sofa or chair so people have enough room to sit but do not have to reach far for their beverage or personal items.  Furniture items that are side-by-side, such as a bed and a night stand, can be as little as 4” to 6” apart since you do not need to walk between them.

7. Use your hand as a guide when determining the proper height to hang artwork.  If you are hanging something over a bed, a sofa, or a server, the bottom of the artwork should be about one hand width high (or about 6” to 10”). When hanging items in a grouping keep them 2 to 4 fingers apart (or 3”- 6”) so they form a cohesive grouping.  Not sure what height to hang a piece on a bare wall? The center of the piece should be about eye height of a 5’7” person.

Keep these tips handy for the next time you’re ready to redecorate or rearrange! Thanks to MirrorMate for sharing them!

About Kate Hart

Kate Hart is a pioneer in the home staging field, having helped hundreds of families and realtors prepare homes for sale through her Philadelphia-area company, Hart & Associates Staging & Design.  Her design work and expert advice has been featured in numerous books, magazines and broadcast outlets ranging from Fine Living and CNN to Everyday with Rachael Ray and  Hart was recently recognized by the Real Estate Staging Association as “Staging Professional of the Year,” the industry’s most prestigious award.  Kate serves as national spokesperson for the MirrorMate brand and is known for her on-trend, budget-friendly design advice.  For more on Kate Hart visit

About MirrorMate LLC

Headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina, MirrorMate LLC was founded by Lisa Huntting, who invented the MirrorMate® frame, as a design solution for the bare mirrors in her own home.  As the original and industry leader, MirrorMate frames are patented in the U.S. and Canada.  There are over 60 frames styles available online and through participating designers. For retail and wholesale information, as well as a demonstration video, please visit  MirrorMate can also be found at

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May 18, 2011

Marianne Guedin Candles


I thought these candles from Marianne Guedin were just lovely. And when you are done, you reuse the handblown glass containers. They are featured now at One Kings Lane, and are one sale until Friday, 5/20.


So much has happened lately. One incident is that I accidentally deleted the library of pictures on many of my blog posts! Sorry, I am trying get them back online one post at a time.

We are a quiet household again; it has been one month since the baby we hoped to adopt was returned to a family member, who came to light at the last moment. We will stay in touch with them, but words cannot describe our sense of loss. So, I hope to find that spark again, the one that causes me to sit down and share things that make me happy. It is there, it just needs time to surface again.

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